Wayne Sheppard

   Author Wayne Sheppard began his "new" life as a writer shortly after completing thirty years as a high school art teacher in 2002. After four years of initial research, he began writing a story then titled, simply, "The Secret Life of Geoffrey Collins" The "Secret Life of" was a tribute to Peter Tompkins who co-wrote The Secret Life of Plants and Stevie Wonder who created the double LP album Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants that was the soundtrack for the very short lived documentary based on the book. Four years of inspired writing and four more years of research ensued until the title was changed to Burden of Privilege: The Secret Life of Geoffrey Collins. By that time there were just too many "The Secret Life Of" titles out there. When Wayne was reading over a section of the manuscript he remembered that the main character was told to look upon his "burden" as a burden of privilege, thus the final title was established.

   Wayne's ultimate life dream in regards to this novel is to have it adapted into a major motion picture that, like the book, addresses personal and universal struggle and overcoming in a time when our planet is in great ecological and spiritual peril.

   He is also considering developing the story into a Broadway Musical. It can't happen if you don't dream it!

   As a visual artist Wayne states:

   "Now is the time, more than ever before, when the artist as visual messenger can evoke understanding and healing through the expression of art as a visual means for enlightenment. I believe some artists have been, and continue to be, agents of positive change. It is my choice to be among those artists."

   Wayne has recently completed the screenplay adaption of Burden of Privilege from the novel and changed that title to Burden of Privilege: A Love Story for Planet Earth. Wayne currently lives in Naples, Florida with his wife Hazel who is the founder of sheppardpublishing.com and who is the author of four children's books with a fifth one on the way. Hazel has been very instrumental in many of Wayne's creative endeavors, his Muse so to speak, from creative suggestions to screenplay editing to "in the trench" helping with many aspects of publishing and marketing.

Wayne Sheppard
Author, Artist