As the title suggests, Inchy is continuing his travels with Mrs. Lilly Louise Ladybug. They are getting along quite well as traveling companions, actually learning much from one another, and enjoying their journey…until they come upon a creature wrapped tightly in a spider’s web!

     At this point, Inchy must decide if he will help the creature escape, or succumb to his belief about his inability to help.

     His decision leads to the rescue of the creature, a grasshopper… one he had actually met in the first story. This grasshopper’s rude behavior had bothered Inchy, and he is now faced with the decision of forgiving or not forgiving, since the grasshopper asks him, “can you find it in your heart to forgive me for being so rude?”

     Inchy’s decision proves to be very important for his own well being, as Mrs. Ladybug points out.

     This book encourages forgiveness as something of great importance to not only the one forgiven, but also the one forgiving.

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