In this, the first book in the set of three books about Inchy (an inchworm who gets stuck on a shoelace and travels far from his home and his parents), the emphasis is on FRIENDSHIP.

     Inchy overcomes fear, remembers what his parents told him to do if he ever got lost, and goes searching for a friend.

    He encounters two creatures who are not the least bit interested in being a friend to a “lil’ ol inchworm”, but, in the end, Inchy discovers the importance of actually BEING a friend to someone in need. This, of course, begets him a new friend and traveling companion, Mrs. Ladybug.

     This story encourages children to go beyond their fears and remember what they have been taught by their parents. It presents an example of “giving” to someone in need, through words of comfort. It is the author’s objective to encourage discussion between parents and children in regard to the happenings in this, and each Inchy Book.

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